Monday, February 29, 2016

Leap Life

Leap Year!

What an interesting concept.  We’ve adopted a way of counting time that isn’t quite exact, so every four years we’ll just add an extra day to the calendar and that will let us get back on track.  We’ll take a leap and be back in sync.

There is an interesting article on the history of Leap Year here, but it has brought two thoughts to my mind related to this concept and our lives with Christ.  In some ways they seem contradictory, but nevertheless, I offer them here for the reader to ponder.

First - It seems to me like there is an ongoing invitation from God for us to be so in sync with Him that we don’t really need to play catch up.  He calls us to walk with him in a way that is present - right here and right now - in this moment with Him.  No need to leap back into sync, just walk hand in hand with our Savior - today!

Second - It also seems like the life of faith is all about leaping - like all the time - not just to catch up with a calendar.  We are reminded that we walk by faith, not by sight (2 Corinthians 5:7), which means there will most likely be regular leaps of faith we must take in order to stay in sync with the Lord.  This life we live with Him will be full of moments of stretch and challenge - leaps we must take with Him.

And maybe those two ideas aren’t actually disconnected.  Maybe as we walk hand in hand with our Lord each day, present in the moment, it will be much easier to recognize when God says, “Ok. Time to leap!”

Happy Leap Life!!

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